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Charlotte Waring Barton Award

The Charlotte Waring Barton Award is presented annually to the winner of the CBCA NSW Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program which aims to foster the talent of unpublished authors residing in Australia

This national award is named in honour of Charlotte Waring Barton (1797–1867), the author of Australia's earliest known children's book. 

The book is titled: A Mother's Offering to her Children: By a Lady, Long Resident in New South Wales. It was published anonymously in 1841 by the Gazette Office in Sydney. The identity of the authorship was discovered in 1980 by Marcie Muir.

The National Library of Australia has fully digitised the 1841 edition. It can be accessed here from their collection.

Read the fascinating biography here of Charlotte Waring Barton, the first published author of a children’s book in Australia.

Below is a sketch by Charlotte of the surrounding countryside and the house, Oldbury, which was built by her first husband for their family, at Sutton Forrest in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Sketch by Charlotte Waring Barton | Sutton Forest | Southern Highlands NSW