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Children’s Book Creators To You (CBC2U)


The CBC2U Program will resume in 2017.

Applications will be accepted until 30 June 2017. Details here.

The CBC2U Program

The CBC2U Program is run by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, NSW Branch Inc as part of its mission to bring quality literature to the young people of NSW.

Nothing inspires kids to read and write like interacting with a real, live author or illustrator. So teachers and librarians, why not organize one this year? Parents can assist schools in this as well.

Shine a light on authors and illustrators and the creative writing process.

This program is designed to assist schools/libraries in areas disadvantaged by economic, cultural or distance hardship.

Authors and illustrators of children’s literature are invited to talk to and work with the students, enriching their reading and writing experience.

Funding is available to assist with the cost of speakers’ fees.

Schools /libraries will be expected to meet all other expenses relating to the visit including accommodation, meals and booking fees. Funding for travel expenses will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Priority will be given to schools/ libraries that can involve more than their own institution, for example, those who include other schools, a public library and/or the wider community.

Should there be more applications than can be supported by available funding, priority will be given to institutions that are members of CBCA NSW Branch.

Click on the following for more details:

Please visit The Australian Society of Authors website for rates/fees here and scroll down to Public Appearances.

Guidelines for Author / Illustrator Visits to Schools

Click here to view these guidelines. They are designed to give general help in planning a successful author/illustrator visit for all involved: students, staff and visitor. The guidelines are set out as a timeline leading up to the visit. As a checklist for the day these recommendations can be very useful.