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Maurice Saxby Memorial

Monday January 19, 2015

Almost 300 members of the children’s literature community gathered to mourn his passing, yet celebrated a wonderful life, dedicated to enriching all through the power of reading.

Maurie championed quality literature and his legacy will live on through his books. He supported CBCA NSW right to the end and we will miss him more than words can say.

Books were donated to commemorate his memorial. 

Check out here how this event was reported in the NSW DET School Magazine and their own tribute to Maurice Saxby

If you wish to read what was said at this event please double click on the name  

GAIL ERSKINE - President, CBCA NSW Branch

DR ROBIN MORROW AM - Australian President, IBBY

PROFESSOR ROBYN EWING - Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts, University of Sydney

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ROBYN COX - PETAA (Primary English Teaching Association Australia)

MICHELLE JENSEN - SLANSW - School Library Association, NSW Branch


JEANNIE BAKER - Illustrator

TONY HORGAN - Former bookseller, Shearers Bookshop.

SARAH FOSTER - Former publisher, Walker Books Australia.

DR JOHN COHEN - Former editor (30 years) of READING TIME, Journal of the CBCA.

EDDIE COFFEY - Former President and Trustee of CBCA NSW Branch

MARGARET HAMILTON AM - Former National President CBCA, CBCA National Board Member

DR MARK MACLEOD - Senior Lecturer in English, Charles Sturt University