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Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children's Laureate

Leigh Hobbs, creator of such lovable characters as Mr Chicken, Old Tom and Horrible Harriet is the current Australian Children's Laureate. Visit the website HERE!

Posters from Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children's Laureate

The teacher-librarian at Penrith Public School, Mr McLean, recently attended an illustration Masterclass with Leigh Hobbs and was thrilled at his success when practising Leigh's special tips for drawing and colouring. Attendees were permitted to use black finepoint marker, coloured pencils in yellow, red and blue (used in that order for shading) - and NO erasers!

Here are two of Mr McLean's drawings from the day:


Monster under the bed

In the next few weeks and months, he practised and practised:

Bananas - still life

Knitting kangaroo

Horse in pastels

And this little octopus won a red ribbon at the Penrith District Show!:

Octopus on the inkwell

We would love to add your drawings, using Leigh's tips, to this page. Send us an email here to the CBCA NSW Branch office.

Please make sure: 

  • "Kids' Corner art" appears in the subject line, 
  • Your full name, age and current school appears in the body of your email.
  • Your parents are aware that you are sending an entry, as the best ones will be published here.


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