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January 2018

Morrie Mouse says "Welcome to the new year"

Welcome back to KIDS’ CORNER for January 2018.  Hopefully, you received some great BAGS (Books as Gifts) as included on the author and illustrators list provided in December KIDS’ CORNER and are enjoying a brand new year of reading. We invite you to join us in celebrating “resolutions to read” each month with links to great books, ideas for writing, a focus on special events and more. 

We begin this year with a focus on the DIVERSITY of Australia.                  

Morrie Mouse

Kids' Corner January 2018

KIDS' STUFF January 2018

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Australia Rocks Koala Spy Tree
AUSTRALIAN CULTURE has its beginnings thousands of years ago.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and interaction has shaped much of present day Australia.
SBS - Five facts that may amaze you about Indigenous Australians 
WAYS WITH WORDS - Australian English has borrowed words from the many cultures that make up our country, including more than 250 languages that were part of

Aboriginal cultures before the time of European contact. These terms were often borrowed to describe the unique landforms, plant and animals of the Australian continent. To find out more about the background and examples of these words:
(ANU) - Borrowings from Australian Aboriginal Languages Australian English

WELCOME TO AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY- A “welcome” to country is given by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide safe passage through traditional lands and acknowledges the importance of links between the land and its original carers. The “acknowledgement” of country may be offered by non-Indigenous people who are respectfully asking permission to use the traditional lands.
Details from Reconciliation Australia