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The CBCA NSW Branch Inc is funded solely from memberships and any fundraising. While these sources maintain us, and enable us to achieve our mission and goals, our activities are constrained by the limits of our available monetary resources.

If you are in the position to make a donation, it would enable us to strengthen and broaden our goals and mission of promoting quality children’s literature in NSW.

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Donations can be monetary or corporate sponsorship of events, such as the CBC2U,  Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program, the Kids Book of the Year Event and our next AAA Conference.

Please contact our office for ways in which we can assist you with processing your donation.

View the list of CBCA Awards Foundation Benefactors and Major Donors 

Alternatively donations to the Book of the Year Awards Foundation and the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature (previously Lu Rees Archive) can also be made to our National Office, The Childrens Book Council of Australia. 

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