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CBCA Book of the Year

Award Categories      Honour Book award

CBCA Book of the Year: Older Readers

Entries in this category are for outstanding books for young people aged between 13 and 18 years (secondary school level). Readers require a degree of maturity to appreciate the themes and scope of emotional involvement. Books in this category may be fiction, drama, illustrated text, poetry or graphic novels. Judging takes into account the literary qualities of the text, editing and book production.

CBCA Book of the Year: Younger Readers

Entries in this category are for outstanding books published for children in the age range from 8 to 12 years (Primary school level). Books may be fiction, drama, graphic novels, illustrated text or poetry. Judging takes into account the literary qualities of the text, editing and book production.

CBCA Book of the Year: Early Childhood   Gold award

Entries in this category are for outstanding books suitable in content and style for pre and beginning readers (Pre school and infants level). These include works of fiction, poetry, wordless, board and concept books. The illustration/s reflect/s all the text on the page and often do not add extra meaning to the storyline. The font size and style, rhythm and meter of the text are important. Clear design, layout and editing are also important.

CBCA Picture Book of the Year

Entries in this category should be outstanding books of the genre in which the text and illustrations achieve artistic and literary unity and the story, theme or concept is enhanced and unified through the illustrations. Picture Books can be for any age. A picture book can be written and illustrated by a sole creator or a collaborative effort between two or more creators. The text and illustrations work cohesively. The illustrations are an integral part of, or extend the action on the page. The illustrations are either as important as the text or more important and can be enjoyed separately from the text. Illustrator/s that have taken an existing piece of work and produced new illustrations that enhance that text can only be entered in this category.

The Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

Entries in this category should be books which have the prime purpose of documenting factual material with consideration given to imaginative presentation, interpretation and variation of style. Books are judged on the balance and harmony of language style and presentation, graphic excellence, clarity, appropriateness and aesthetic appeal of illustrations, and the overall design of the book. Referencing of sources are important, as are inclusion of a contents page, index, bibliography and glossary which enhance the reader’s experience. Autobiographies and biographies are entered in this category. Age range for this category is 0 to 18 years.

2019 CBCA Long List : The Notables

Announced 26th February 2019

2019 Short List  (Complete) | Announced 26th March 2019
Older Readers | Younger Readers | Early Childhood | Picture Book | Eve Pownall | New Illustrator


CBCA Book Week Theme | Reading is my Secret Power
CBCA Book Week  Theme 2019 | Reading is my Secret Power

2019's artwork for Reading is my Super Power was created by Illustrator and Author Bob Graham, creator of 'Home in the Rain'.
Home in the Rain Activities

Merchandise featuring Bob's beautiful artwork may be ordered through the CBCA NSW Branch office. * DISCOUNT prices for current CBCA NSW members are only available through the NSW Branch Office.*

Book Week Bash | Podcast | Interview with Gail Erskine | President CBCA NSW Branch Inc

 Book Week Bash | Podcast | Interview Gail Erskine


2018 CBCA Book Week Award Winners and Honour Books
Book Week artwork

CBCA Book Week Theme: Find Your Treasure

2018's artwork was created by Illustrator and Author Anna Walker, creator of Mr Huff.

Merchandise featuring Anna's beautiful artwork may be ordered at a member's discount through the CBCA NSW Branch office. 


20172017 CBCA Book Week artwork | Freya Blackwood


  • the CBCA 2017 Book of the Year Awards here
  • Reading Time reviews of each book here
  • a printable list here and
  • the 2017 CBCA Book Week Shortlist here.

The Notables List for 2017 was announced on 28th February. Click here to view the list and here in printable formats.

To access information about the CBCA Book of the year Awards from our National website, click here 

There is:

- Information concerning:

  • Awards Policy
  • Judges nomination
  • An explanation regarding the new judging process for 2017

- Diary dates connected to the Book of the Year, Notables, and the Shortlist.

- Links to the Children's Book of the Year Awards in previous years including the BOYA speeches and the various Winners and Honour Books, the Notables and Short Lists


2016 CBCA 70th Book of the Year Awards CeremonyCBCA NSW 70th Anniversary Cake

Sydney (CBCA NSW Inc) was the proud host of this momentous occasion. View the list here (a pdf here), a news media report here and also in the third volume of iRead 2016 here.

Robert Ingpen AM | Lifetime Achievement Award  

A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Robert Ingpen AM.  

Read more about it here and also in the third volume of iRead 2016 here

Read the judges report here about the 2016 winner of The Crichton Award for New illustrators,  Allison Colpoys with her book,The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade.  

Read a report here of the CBCA from Louise Owens’ blog.

  Allison Colpoys with Geraldine Woolnough | Crichton Award  2016

          Previous CBCA Book Week Themes            






 Reading is my Secret Power

 17-23 August

 Bob Graham


 Find Your Treasure

 18-24 August

 Anna Walker


 Escape to Everywhere

 19-26 August

 Freya Blackwood


 Australia: Story Country

 20-26 August

 Shaun Tan


 Books light up our world

 22-28 August

 Art from CBCA  Archives


 Connect to reading

 16-22 August

 Ron Brooks


 Read across the Universe

 17-23 August

 Bob Graham


 Champions Read

 17-23 August

 Nicki Greenberg


 One World, Many Stories

 19-25 August

 Gregory Rogers


 Across the Story Bridge

 21-27 August

 Kylie Dunstan


 Book Safari

 22-28 August

 Matt Ottley


 Fuel Your Mind

 16-22 August

 Shaun Tan



 18-24 August

 Colin Thompson


 Book Now!

 19-25 August

 Alison Lester


 Reading Rocks!

 20-26 August

 Neil Curtis



 21-27 August

 Brian Harrison-Lever


 Oceans of Stories

 16-22 August

 Armin Greder


 Book Week – Book Feast

 17-23 August

 Ron Brooks


 2001: A Book Odyssey

 18-25 August

 Anne Spudvilas


 The Edge of Tomorrow

 19-25 August

 Shaun Tan


 Weave the Book Web

 21-27 August

 Junko Morimoto


 Put Yourself in the Picture

 22-28 August

 Elizabeth Honey



 16-22 August

 Narelle Oliver


 Anywhere Anytime Anybook

 26 Aug- 1 September

 Steven Woolman


       Happy 50th birthday

 1945-1995 Celebrate with Books


 19-26 August


 Peter Goldthorpe


 Carnival of Books

 22-28 August

 Craig Smith


 Go Under Cover

 23-29 August



 Windows into Worlds

 27 July-2 August

 Bob Graham


 Book into the Future

 29 July-4 August

 Julie Vivas


 Imagine if you will….

 30 July-5 August

 Ron Brooks


 Dream Time

 22-28 July

 Graeme Base


 A Page of History

 20-26 August

 Roland Harvey


 Sail Away with books

 15-21 August

 Bob Graham


 Key Into Books

 21-25 July



 Book Banquet

 22-26 July



 Books Have it Covered




 Books Bridge Gaps




 Branch Out with Books




 Operation Booklink




 Care for Books




 Build with Books




 Blast Off with Books




 Lost in a Book




 It’s Reading Time




 Read All About It




 Books for All Seasons




 Books for Life




 Together with Books




 Roundabout with Books




 Explore with Books




 Books, Please




 Come Alive with Books




 Hurrah for Books




 The World Through Books




 Wonderful Books




 Let’s Read




 Make Books Your Friends




 Time to Read




 At Home with Books




 Treasure from Books




 Let’s Look at Books




 Round the World with Books




 It’s Always Book Time




 Adventure with Books




 Let’s Read




  Make Friends with Books




 Books are Fund for Everyone




 Good Books are Good  Companions




 Books are Common Wealth




 Grow up with Books




 Books are Friends




 Books Bring Adventure




 Books for the World of Tomorrow




 Books are Bridges




 United Through Books