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Book of the Year Judge

A new judging process will be applied to those wishing to serve as CBCA Book of the Year Judge.

Category Panels

Each Category Panel consists of 3 judges. One from each panel is appointed as co-ordinator of the panel, whose responsibilities include ensuring completion of reports and annotations, plus the final judges’ report in accordance with the deadline set by the CBCA National Board Awards Committee. It is the responsibility of the panel to discuss the entries during the judging process, and report to the Awards Administrator with any queries and provide regular feedback reports.

Judges are appointed by the CBCA National Board Awards Committee for a term of two years using the criteria and guidelines as outlined here. The nomination form is part of this document. If you considering nominating for a position, please ensure that you read the conflict of interest document here as well, to ensure that you are eligible.

Judges are selected from nomination forms submitted by Branches or individuals can self-nominate via The Awards Committee reserves the right not to appoint, from the applications received, and reserves the right to appoint by invitation. Unsuccessful applicants can reapply in subsequent years.

A list of the current CBCA Book of the Year Judges (with affiliated state branch) can be found here.