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Deborah Abela | A | 
Deborah Abela | The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee
"Reading literally saved my life....  
anytime I read a book I felt safe,
intrigued and like I'd been
from a terrible fate.
I was a dramatic 
Deb Abela
Deborah Abela | Email Deborah Abela | Website Deborah Abela | FaceBook Deborah Abela | Twitter  Deborah Abela | Instagram

Liz Anelli | I | 
Liz Anelli | Maddie's
Liz Anelli | Website 
Liz Anelli | Facebook Liz Anelli | Tumblr
Notable Book Sticker
Ten Pound Pom 2018 NOTABLE
"Here's a link for an art activity to keep you busy and creative on that odd wet, or too hot day over the summer holidays." Liz Anelli

Duncan Ball | A | 
Duncan Ball | Emily Eyefinger
Duncan Ball | Blogspot

Frances Atkins | A |
Frances Atkins | Jaxon, Where are your Orange Sneakers?

Frances Atkins | Website

Carolyn Alfonzetti | A |
Carolyn Alfonzetti | Around the World with Gramps
"Don't make a story or a poem
longer or shorter than it needs
to be: a tasty snack and leisurely
five-course meal each have their
." Carolyn Alfonzetti
 Pamela Allen | A |
Pamela Allen | A Bag and a Bird
"For the little person who cannot read, your voice can sing or cry, bark or miaow to bring the story alive, and together you can make it your very own." Pamela Allen



Lindy Batchelor | A |
Lindy Batchelor | Zooming in on Taronga

Dianne (Di) Bates | A | 
Dianne Bates | The Adventures of Jellybean
"Reading was my happy world
when I was a child from an
unhappy family. It opened a
world that offered hope for my
future and it will for you too
Dianne (Di) Bates
Enterprising words | Website Australian Children's Poetry | Website

Anne Bell (Knight) | A |

Jess Black | A |

Jess Black | Website


Jenny Blackford | A | 
Jenny Blackford | The Duties of a Cat
Jenny Blackford | Blog

Jennifer Blackman | A |

Susan Boyer | A |  
Susan E Boyer | Stories of life at Sydney Cove
 Boyer Education | Website  English eBooks | Website

Nicola Bolton | A |
Nicola Bolton | You Can't Catch Me


Toni Brisland | A | 
Toni Brisland | Demichat and the Kent Street Mystery
Toni Brisland | Blog

Jill. B Bruce | A |
Jill B Bruce | Austranimals
"Books do for your brain what
food does for your body. They
make your brain strong and
Jill B. Bruce

Dr Alyssa Brugman | A |
Alyssa Brugman | Girl Next Door



Richard Caladine | I |
Richard Caladine | Snail Shelter

Charlotte Calder | A |
Charlotte Calder | The 12th Dog
"No matter what the genre,
good writing is all about
discovering the xact truth
of a moment, character or
place. The magic happens
when you find it!
Charlotte Calder

Lynda Anne Calder | A |
Lynda Anne Calder | Enigma
Lynda Anne Calder | BlogLynda Anne Calder | Website

Emma Cameron | A |
Emma Cameron | View from the 32nd floor

Toni Cary | A | I  |
Toni Cary | Alcharinga Flowers
"Reading inspires, transports
and invigorates. Nothing else
can fire the imagination or
paint such a vivid, believable
picture so perfectly as the
devouring of a good book."
Toni Cary
Toni Cary | Facebook

Christopher Cheng | A | I |
Christopher Cheng | One Tree
Christopher Cheng | Blog Christopher Cheng | Facebook Christopher Cheng | Website

Jody Cauduro | A |
Jody Cauduro | Watching  .. Wondering
Jody Cauduro | Website

Diana Marlay Cole | A | 
Diana Marlay Cole | Georgiana McCrae


Wai Chim | A | 
Wai Chim | Freedom SwimmerWai Chim | Shaozhen
Wai Chim | Twitter 
Notable Book 2018 NOTABLE BOOK 2017
Freedom Swimmer
Notable Book 2018

Bill Condon | A |
Bill Condon | The Adventures of Jellybean

Marjorie Crosby-Fairall | I |
Marjorie Crosbie-Fairall | Killer plants



Aleesah Darlison | A |
Aleesah Darlison | Unicorn Riders | Ellabeth's Light | Book 8
"A good book makes everything
better." Allesah Darlison
Aleesah Darlison | Website Aleesah Darlison | Facebook

Denise Doraisamy |A |
Denise Doraisamy
Kids and adult kids books | Website

Zoe Disher | A |
Various projects with School Magazine



Zoe Disher | Website


Jeffrey E. Doherty | A |
Jeffrey E. Doherty | Olivia Stone and the Dread of the Dreamers | Guardians of St Giles
"Don't put your editor's hat on until
you have completed your first draft.
You will end up with a dozen beautfully
polished chapters, a bunch of
rougher chapters and
an unfinished

manuscript." Jeff Doherty

Georgie Donaghey | A |
Georgie Donaghey | In the Shadow of an Elephant
"When you think your manuscript
is, polish it some more. Don't just
want to be published for the sake
of it. Want to be published by the
publisher that best fits your
." Georgie Donaghey
Georgie Donaghey | Website
Anne Donnelly | A |
Anne-Helen Donnelly | Ori's Clean-Up
"The best way to get better at
writing is to keep doing it
Anne Donnelly
Anne-Helen Donnelly | Website Anne-Helen Donnelly | FaceBook


Kirsten Ealand | A |
Kirsten Ealand | Author
Kirsten Ealand | Email  Kirsten Ealand | Facebook
'I am drawn to stories that find the extraordinary in the ordinary and the magic in the small.
Small things are what move me the most.
I try to write like I try to live, listening for the music, embracing the small and ignoring the call to hurry.'
Belinda Elliott | I | 
Belinda Elliott | Free

Helen Evans | A |
Helen Evans | Watch out for Bunyips
Helen Evans Storyteller | Website

Jules Faber | I | 

 Jules Faber | Splashy Weird
"As a kid I loved to escape into
books and comics - and this led
to a lifelong love of escaping into
books and comics for fun and
adventure. I couldn't survive as
an adult without reading every
" Jules Faber
Jules Faber | Website Jules Faber | Facebook Jules Faber | Twitter




Kate Forsyth | A |
Kate Forsyth | Beauty in thorns

PhD in Fairytales
Kate Forsyth | Blog Kate Forsyth | Facebook Kate Forsyth | Twitter

Elizabeth Foster | A |
Elizabeth Foster | Esme's wish
Elizabeth Foster | Website Elizabeth Foster | Blog Elizabeth Foster | Facebook Elizabeth Foster | Pinterest Elizabeth Foster | Twitter

Wendy Noreen Freeman | A |
Wendy Noreen Freeman | The Bulldog
Wendy Noreen Freeman Non Fiction | Website

Jackie French | A |
Jackie French | Just a Girl
"Books, themes, characters vary,
and so must inspiration. Mostly
it comes from paying attention
to the world around you,
assimilating then weaving it
into inspiration
Jackie French
Jackie French | Website Australian Children's Laureate | Website Australian Children's Laureate | Blog Jackie French | Facebook Jackie French | Twitter Jackie French | Instagram
Notable Book 2018 NOTABLE BOOKS 2018:
Millie Loves Ants | Koala Bare |
Third Witch

Sandy Fussell | A  |
Sandy Fussell | Robots Rule
 Sandy Fussell | Blog Sandy Fussell | BlogSpot



Jon Gamble | A |

Jon Gamble | The Field of Hum
Jon Gamble | Website Jon Gamble | Website

Susanne Gervay | A |
Susanne Gervay | The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses
Susanne Gervay | Facebook Susanne Gervay | Website Susanne Gervay | Twitter

Lesley Jane Gibbes | A |
Lesley Jane Gibbes | Scary Night

Alison Giles-Damjanovska | A | I |
Alison Giles-Damjanovska | The Happy Fish

 Alison Giles | Website

Libby Gleeson | A |
Libby Gleeson | Go to sleep Jessie!




Margaret Hamilton | A |
Margaret Hamilton | Counting through the day

Tim Harris | A |
Tim Harris | Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables
Tim Harris | Website Notable Book 2018
Mr Bambuckle's Remarkables

"Keep chipping away. When mixed with time, a few words each day will be come a lot of words." Tim Harris


Pip Harry | A |
Pip Harry | Because of you
Notable Book 2018
Because of You

Jacqueline Harvey | A |
Jacqueilne Harvey | Alice Miranda takes the lead

Joss Hedley | A |
Joss Hedley | Wish Kin

Nette Hilton | A | 
Nette Hilton | A Ghost of a chance

Hancy Pancy  | A |

 The Crocodile who found his Smile

HancyPancy | Website HancyPancy | Facebook  HancyPancy | Instagram
"I love writing in verse
About topics diverse
It stretches my mind
To make sure it rhymed
To choose the right word
For my tale to be heard."
Hancy  Pancy

Diane Harding | |


"Everywhere I go I see stories happening. They are all around us. If you think of the most exciting thing that happened to you and write about it, others will find is just as exciting.Diane Harding


I | J


Cate James | A | I |
Cate James | Go Home little one
Cate James | Blog Cate James | Website Cate James | Twitter

Lynette F Jenkins | A |
Lynette Jenkins | Perfect Petunias
Lynette F Jenkins | Facebook Lynn Jenkins | Website

Narelda Joy | I |
Narelda Joy | Merlin's voyage
Narelda Joy | FacebookNarelda Joy | Illustration | FacebookNarelda Joy | Illustration | FacebookNarelda Joy | TwitterNarelda Joy | WordPress

Gwynneth Jones | I |

Gwynneth Jones | Facebook




Deborah Kelly  | A |

Deborah Kelly | Website

"Stories allow us to experience the world through the eyes of others, enabling us to live richer, fuller lives." Deborah Kelly

   Anne Bell Knight | A |



Mark Lancaster | A |
Mark Lancaster | Gorinja
Mark Lancaster | CreateSpace | Website

Jan Latta | A |
Jan Latta | Sleepy the Sloth

Joy Lawn | A |

Monica Lizama | A | 
Monica Lizama | Blotch the Dog

Anna Lloyd | I |
Anna Lloyd | Mouse sketch


Kirrili Lonergan | I |
Kirrili Lonergan | Lessons of a LAC
Kirrili Lonergan | Illustrator | Facebook Kirrili Lonergan | Lessons of LAC | Facebook Kirrili Lonergan | Website

Yvonne Low | A | I | Yvonne Low | Paris stray

Yvonne Low | BlogspotYvonne Low | Twitter

Nathan Luff | A |
Nathan Luff | Bad Grammar


Sharon McGuinness | A |
Sharon McGuinness | Coming Home

Amelia McInerney | A |
Amelia McInerney | The Chook BookAmelia McInerney | Author
 Amelia McInerney | Email Amelia McInerney | Website Amelia McInerney | Facebook Amelia McInerney | Instagram

Katrina McKelvey | A |
Katrina McKelvey | Dandelions
Katrina McKelvey | Blog Katrina McKelvey | Facebook Katrina McKelvey | Pinterest Katrina McKelvey | Twitter Katrina McKelvey | YouTube

"Books are windows. Open them to find endless opportunities to learn, grow and be transported to amazinf places. If you can't find a book that does that, keep hunting. You'll find it! By the way, picture books are for everyone. You can start there." Katrina McKelvey

Peter Macinnis | A |
Peter Macinnis | House fly

Jodie McLeod |   |


"Write the stories you want to read, and once you've written them, put them away for a while and re-read, re-write, re-read, re-write ad infinitum until you realise you're reading the stories you want to write." Jodie McLeod


Sophie Masson, AM  | A |
Sophie Masson | War and Resistance
War and Resistance
Coming Soon
Australia Day Honours 2019 
Sophie Masson | Food | BlogSophie Masson | Facebook Sophie Masson | Firebird feathers | WebsiteSophie Masson | TwitterSophie Masson | YouTube Sophie Masson Presents | Booking Site

Jeni Mawter | A |
Jeni Mawter | Launched

Dawn Meredith | A |
Dawn Meredith | The Boy who went to war

Michelle Morgan | A | 
Michelle Morgan | Flying through clouds
Michelle Morgan | Blog

Penny Morrison | A |
Penny Morrison | Captain Sneer the Buccaneer

Belinda Murrell | A |
Belinda Murrell | Lost Saphire

"Through books I've learned to be brave, bold and kind. To live an adventurous life. Reading has taught me that life may have ups and downs but there is always hope and joy." Belinda Murrell


Zoya Nojin | A |

Zoya Nojin | FacebookZoya Nojin | Twitter

Christopher Nielsen | I |
Chris Nielsen | The Dream Peddler
Chris Neilsen | Email Christopher Nielsen | Website Chris Nielsen | Illustrator | Instagram

"I love the quiet half hour that falls over our house just after the teeth are brushed when everyone picks up their favourite book and drifts away." Christopher Nielsen 




Jo Oliver | A | 
Jo Oliver | Tatiara

Jo Oliver | Australian Society of Authors | WebsiteJo Oliver | New Frontier Publishing | Website

 Lynn Overhill A |


P | Q


Aura Parker | I |
Aura Parker | Twig

Aura Parker | Instagram Aura Parker | Twitter

Oliver Phommavanh | A | 
Oliver Phommavanh | Super Con-Nerd

Oliver Phommavanh | Web Site Oliver Phommavanh | Facebook
"Write down your ideas, no matter how big or small. Your best idea may not be the first one, but number 892! So you need to write 891 other ones, don't worry, it'll be fun!" Oliver Phommavanh

Renee Price | A |
Price, Renee | Digby Fixit
Create Kids Website Digby Fixit Website




Penny Reeve | A |
Penny Reeve | Fearlessly Madison
Penny Reeve | FaceBook

Alison-Jane Rice | I |
Alison Jane Rice | Mud Crab | 2015

"Children are true whisperers. As a constantly evolving generation of readers, we rely on their imagination and innocence to create magic, inspiration, and new paradigms through their silently written words." (c)  2018 Alison Jane Rice


Paul Russell | A |
Paul Russell | The Battle of Ker 
"Imagination  is always king, never let spelling or grammar stop you telling your story." Paul Russell



Pat Simmons | A |
Ziggy's Zoo | Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons | Email Pat Simmons | Website


Mary Small | A |
Mary Small | Lennie's Ride

R.A.  Spratt  | A | 
R. A Spratt | The Peski Kids | The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach
R.A. Spratt | Website

 Anthea Stead  | I | 
Anthea Stead | The Book of Cat | Catapult
Anthea Stead | Blogspot


Alan Sunderland  | A |
Incredible Powers | Alan Sunderland | AuthorRefugee | Alan Sunderland | Author
Alan Sunderland | Email Alan Sunderland | Website

"I write stories that make
you laugh
and stories that
make you think.

Sometimes both."




Julie Thorndyke | A |
Julie Thorndyke | Waiting for the Night

Julie Thorndyke | Website Julie Thorndyke | Waiting for the Night  Julie Thorndyke | Email

Debra Tidball | A |
Debra Tidball | The Scared Book
Notable Book Sticker CBCA Book of the Year
Notable Book 2018

Deborah Tidball | Facebook Deborah Tidball | Twitter

A. L. Tait |   |

"One of my favourite things about writing is this: when I write a story, I control the whole world. Nothing happens in that sotry unless I want it to happen. Where else in your life do you get to control everything?" A. L. Tait

U | V


Robert Vescio | A  |
Robert Vescio | Barnaby and the lost treasures of Bunnyville
Robert Vescio | Facebook 

"Opening a book is similar to a child opening a wardrobe and being transported to another world. The best adventures happen when youb open a book." Robert Vescio


W | X | Y


Sue Walker | A |
Sue Walker | Arnie Avery

Margaret Warner | A |
Margaret Warner | Lone Pine

Frances Watts |A|
Frances Watts | Peony Lantern

Susan Whiting | A |
Sue Whiting | You wish jellyfish!
Susan Whiting | BlogSpot

Margaret Wild | A |
Margaret Wild | The Very best of friends

"When I read a great book it inspires me to try harder and write better. I love books that have compelling ideas, amazing use of language and characters who evoke empathy." Margaret Wild

Sean Williams | A |
Sean Williams | Have sword, will travel

Brodie Wright | A  |
Brydie Wright | Daddy and the world's longest Poo




Claire Zorn | A |
Claire Zorn | One would think the deep 

"I don't think there is any better place to learn about people than in the pages of a novel. As a writer I am constantly digging at what it is that drives people to do the things they do and feel the things they feel. It's this stuff which makes writing for and about young adults so rewarding. Teenagers are at the point where they stop accepting the world as it is and start questioning it. I feel very privileged to have my books be a part of this process." Claire Zorn









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