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The activities of the members CBCA NSW Branch Inc enable them to put into practice the organisation’s mission, aims and goals.

Information about these activities can be found on the right hand menu.

They are divided into:

  1. Calendar: dates of CBCA and also those of CBCA NSW branch events
  2. Key Dates: List of the activities organised by the CBCA NSW Committee and open to all.
  3. National Conference
  4. AAA Day (CBCA Book Week Shortlist Anticipated, Appreciated and Applauded)
  5. Kids AAA Event (The Short List for Younger Readers video conference)
  6. The Lady Cutler Dinner
  7. The Lady Cutler Award
  8. Aspiring Writer’s Mentorship Program
  9. The Charlotte Waring Barton Award
  10. CBC2U (Children’s Book Creators To You)
  11. Maurice Saxby Lecture
  12. The Nan Chauncy Award
  13. Activities Archives: 2015 events
  14. Newsletters: Details of, and access to the newsletters from the CBCA and the CBCA NSW Branch Inc. There is a submenu which includes:
  • iRead
  • All the Buzz About Books
  • Reading Time
  • Newsletters Archived