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CBCA and Spotlight | New Partnership

Thu, 07 Jun 2018
The Partnership Sub-Committee of the CBCA Board has been working to negotiate a partnership with Spotlight and an Agreement has been signed. 
CBCA and Spotlight both appreciate the role of creativity in the lives of young people and are delighted to support each other in helping connect their respective communities to greater opportunities for celebrating CBCA Book Week across Australia.
The four-year Agreement opens up Spotlight’s community as they approach CBCA Book Week activities, including primarily the DIY and ready-to-wear costumes that do so much to bring CBCA Book Week to life.
Spotlight has been granted the right to ‘exclusive costume supplier’ and through CBCA websites (including Reading Time), social media and email, hope to create some excitement about this partnership to help drive people into Spotlight stores not only to see Anna Walker’s wonderful artwork, but to get their DIY costumes as they prepare for CBCA Book Week.
The deal was negotiated collaboratively and Anna Walker is happy to see her artwork extend its reach and profile through Spotlight stores via this arrangement.  CBCA are especially delighted to support Anna in this way and will do the same future years for other illustrators.

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