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National Board

The National Board of the CBCA came into being on 18th November 2012. The leadership of the CBCA with a Board as the governance body will help to ensure that the CBCA is a strong and cohesive national organisation well placed to achieve our objectives in the future.

The National President of the CBCA Board is Angela Briant from Tasmania and the other Directors are:

  • Justine Power            ACT
  • TBA                          NSW
  • John Chisholm           NT
  • Tina Cavanough         QLD
  •  Ray Pincombe          SA
  • Jenni Connor             Tas
  • Margot Hillel              Vic
  • Stephen Halbert         WA
  • Margaret Hamilton     Awards Foundation
  • Belle Alderman          Lu Rees Foundation        


If you are interested in becoming a CBCA Director, to represent NSW, click here


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